London Emission Zone

London Low Emission Zone

The London Emission Zone was introduced in 2008, but these standards are becoming more stringent as of
3 January 2012, so even if your vehicle meets the current standards, you may need to take action to meet the new standards - which apply whether the vehicle is used for commercial or private purposes.

Lorries, buses and coaches... 
From 3 January 2012 emission standards for London move from Euro III to Euro IV for particulate matter. Particulate matter is a type of pollution which contributes to severe health problems in the population - mostly in large cities, so London is raising the emission standards to improve the inner city environment. You can still drive within the LEZ by paying a daily charge (£200) but Transport for London would prefer you to reduce your emissions - which will also save you considerable expense if you need to access the low emission zone on a regular basis. Diesel lorries, buses, coaches, and other specialist diesel vehicles all become affected by the changes from Euro III to Euro IV.

Larger vans, minibuses and other specialist diesel vehicles...
will become affected by the LEZ for the first time and need to meet the Euro III emission standards. You can check to see if your vehicle is affected at the Transport for London website: here

To see a larger map and details of the LEZ area of operation, click this Transport for London link. (The M25 is not included, even where it passes within the Greater London Authority boundary).


Typical Filter solution for Long Haulage

Dinex Filter Technology for Heavy Duty Vehicles

The Advantages of Dinex Systems : Fast & Simple Service

  • Ceramic Sic filters offer superior soot capacity compared to other ceramic filters which results in extended minimum service intervals
  • The maintenance is simple through intelligent clamp design; in long haulage situations, service intervals of above 62,000 miles are likely


 Vehicle specific range for all makes :
and all major buses

With an extensive range for the "Big 7"  as well as all major buses, Dinex has a proven portfolio of solutions for all vehicles. Designs are made to be 1:1 interchangeable with the old silencer making the fitment cost tremendously reduced compared to most other available system.

Using this concept also allows you to retain the original pipe work design – allowing competitive spare part access also in 5-10 years, ensuring no-one gets unpleasant surprises with regard to maintenance costs over the duration of the product lifetime. 

       Typical Filter solution 
                       for Long Haulage

Multi-technology product portfolio Complying with legislation inevitably means different challenges for different vehicles. Hence Dinex has developed a multi-technology product portfolio with emission control technologies for all types of driving cycles.

This allows for a choice of technology to suit the individual vehicle. Whether its duty cycle includes lots of stop-and-go in the city or long distance distribution.

Typical filter solution with a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst 
for Regional Distribution

DiNLOG® monitoring
Each Dinex filter is installed with a DiNLOG® LED monitoring device ensuring on-going monitoring of filter load condition for optimum maintenance. In addition hereto the DiNLOG® ECU holds a significant amount of data ensuring professional service and advice on filter operation.


       Typical filter solution
                     for Urban Traffic

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