Tachograph Test Centre Merseyside

Woodwards Merseyside can provide you with all you need to keep your commercial vehicle/s in good condition and to meet the standard set by the driving standards agency and the Vehicle Operators Service Agency (VOSA). Woodwards specialise in all kinds of truck body building work, maintenance and repairs as well as making sure your tachograph is in good working condition to ensure you have a reliable record to meet trading standards and safety policies.

Whether you have a digital tachograph or an analogue tachograph, testing, recalibration and repairs must be carried out every 2 years as standard. For all analogue tachographs, this includes a re-sealing of the device which can be carried out on site at our tachograph test centre in Merseyside. Arrangements can be made to check and test your recording equipment every 6 months when it is due. In the event of a fault to your digital system, as it must be repaired as soon as possible, Woodwards can work to repair your system en route before you head back to your base. All of this will ensure that your tachograph is up to standard when they are put through any annual checks made by VOSA, and in the event of an impromptu check conducted by VOSA or the police.

Woodwards are a fully qualified tachograph test centre in Merseyside that can carry out professional repairs and have access to all fitments needed to carry out the work. They recognise the importance of safety as well as having the data needed to provide the authorities with an accurate reading of your commercial vehicles travels and activities.

In todays commercial world, time is a precious commodity and your tachograph may alert you to a fault at a time when you are at your busiest. It is therefore paramount that your resources are in good working order and are following the guidelines set by the authorities, for your efficiency and safety, as well as your peace of mind. Woodwards recognise this fact and work to getting your business back on the road as soon as possible. We therefore offer servicing of your tachograph and our test centre, as well as any regular repairs when your are aware and notified of a fault to the system. Regular servicing and testing will ensure your business can continue to run without delays or interruption. Woodwards Merseyside specialise in tacho calibration making sure your device is at optimum efficiency. The device is tested to measure the accuracy of the device and adjustments are then made to the system to meet with the known standards held by the department of transport (VOSA).

The regulations that govern your activities, means that an accurate record must be readily available as proof of your legal compliance to the authorities. Woodwards, Merseyside therefore provide a swift professional service carried out by fully trained and certified VOSA technicians, that recognise the importance of your system and records, and will work to keep you and your business safe and legal.

We also recognise that data protection and security is important within any company, and with your tachograph working to test standards, you can maintain the needed discretion and professional record keeping needed to run your service with the interlocking system that can only be accessed by the needed enforcement officers.

You can contact Woodwards regarding any of your tachograph tests and service needs including: tachograph repairs and maintenance, calibration and servicing and for you tacho graphs and driver card needs.

For more information please see our website: www.woodwardssvsltd.co.UK or call us on

01744 20266

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