Truck Body Builders Merseyside

Woodwards Truck body builders have been in business Merseyside for 95 years. They are a independent privately owned business that have thrived their trade. Since 1922 they have supported and supplied businesses alike with a professional service, ensuring a high standard of work, skill and craftsmanship. Woodwards SVS (special vehicle services) commitment to quality, and service for the care of the customer has not changed.

Woodwards builders supply and specialise in a wide range of new truck bodies and can also carry out any needed repairs. Work has been undertaken on behalf of haulage companies and emergency services within the Mersyside area, fitting the truck body with such things as Luton fronts, shutters, curtain siders, beaver tails and tail lifts.

The safety of the vehicle and driver is important and well as the safety of other road users met along the trucks /commercial vehicles travels, Therefore Woodwards will fit required parts such as underrun bars, outline markers, and cargo restraints to the trucks that they build and other safety requirements and services.

The company also recognise the importance of a professional appearance. As Merseyside is home to thousands of businesses, often trucks are an advertisement for and of the companies, besides being the necessary resources needed to run and supply its services. With so much competition then, businesses need the truck body building to be of a high standard.

If a special one off custom build is required then Woodwards would be happy to be contacted and can discuss with you the particulars of the job needed and desired. They offer specialist advice on the project in mind and can provide custom body builds from van adaptions to custom built bodies for The fire and emergency services.

The trained specialist truck body builders can do interior work on your truck and have provided medical support vans, emergency service trucks with the needed interior work and parts, to make it possible for these services to run smoothly and comfortably. Woodwards, Merseyside have built and supplied specialised trailers such as laboratories and mobile workshops.

This truck body building company also offer other services needed and essential to carrying out a business that has to comply with legislation and guidelines. For example the builders are also certified tachograph technicians and can fully service your commercial truck and haulage vehicles and company to comply with departmental of transport (VOSA). They are also fully trained and can apply a speed limiter to your trucks and commercial vehicles if required.

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