Commercial Vehicle Body Builders Merseyside

Woodwards Commercial vehicle body builders have been in trade in Merseyside for since 1922 and through that time many companies have been given the commitment and support needed to ensure that every company and commercial business can provide a professional look and service. Woodwards recognise the importance of giving a good impression to customer's and to the general public along your travels. Vehicles advertise business and it is therefore important to reflect well the company and the service you provide.

The importance of safety is taken seriously by the builders, and therefore any work undertaken by Woodwards in Commercial vehicle body building is kept up to a high standard and follows any safety guidelines that are laid out. The builders at Woodwards svs (special vehicle services) mersyside specialise in Commercial vehicle bodywork as well as other commercial vehicle maintenance.

Merseyside is home to thousands of commercial enterprises and vehicles that are n The road for heavy goods need regular repair and servicing. It is therefore Woodwards endeavour to get you Commercial vehicle out on The road, fit for purpose; remembering that time is of the essence for the good of your company. The website provides you with pictures of the truck and commercial vehicle body building that has been provided to customers all over the north west, Merseyside. It specifies the type of work that Woodwards provides and specialises in. The truck body builders provide shutters, underrun bars, tail lifts, Luton fronts, alloy panels, body mountings, sub frames, cargo retraints, outline marker lights, sidelights, marker boards, and many other body building requirements.

Woodwards have given ancillary support and provided services for all kind of commercial trucks and vehicles such as haulage and custom bodywork from van adaptations to special custom built bodies. Woodwards provide a wide range of custom built bodies for recovery and emergency services providing a professional service for the fire and rescue services.

If you have refrigerated goods then Woodwards can supply and equip your vehicle with everything it needs to transport your cargo to your customers that will meet the food standards and trading agencies. The commercial vehicle body builders provide generators, aircon units, interior lining, air kits and beacons. We also make and fit the tail lifts needed to load and unload your heavy goods vehicle.

Woodwards body buliders make horse ramps and horse box interiors that are of a high standard so you can ensure your horses are safe and you can transport them in a suitable secure environment. Woodwards recognise the importance of a safe environment firstly for your own piece of mind, but also so that the horse itself does not feel stressed or uncomfortable during transit. The utmost care is given to provide a high standard of body building for the needs of your equestrian activities in the Merseyside area.

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