Chassis Lube

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  • AC1... Compact 1 litre reservoir model is designed for light commercial vehicles, mini/midi buses and fork lift trucks in 12 or 24 volt with up to 12 lubrication points. AC 2... Has a 2 litre reservoir designed for use on commercial vehicles, buses and trailers in 12 or 24 volt, serving up to 36 lubrication points. *Adjustable timer memory *Electrically operated *SAE 90 oil to NLGI grade 2 grease.
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  • AC 3 Has a 3 litre reservoir and is designed for use on commercial vehicles, buses and trailers, in 12 or 24 volt serving up to 60 lubrication points.

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  • Maintaining and servicing the Interlube HDI Pump & Distribution

    systems.are of  importance for

    providing the

    correct lubricant amount to the moving parts of the

    equipment, read this manual to become familiar with your

    HDI pump and system.

    Review and follow the procedures given before attempting

    maintenance or service. Illustrations are provided to aid in

    disassembly and reassembly.

    If there are any questions not answered by this manual,

    contact Interlube Systems.



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  • The SINGLE LINE Pump is an electrically operated piston pump, supplied with a 12/24v DC controller, which can be fitted with up to three pumping units. Available with 3,6 and 10 litre reservoirs, delivering precise amounts of lubricant through progressive distribution blocks, to all the lubrication points. *Electrically operated,12/24 volts *IP67 Controller *Recommended NLGI Grade 2 Grease *Modular progressive blocks.
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  •                                                 PART NUMBERS  AND DESCRIPTION

    PUMPING UNITS                    STRAIGHT ADAPTORS                           ELBOW ADAPTOR 

    78033  0.010CC                       LE 80584  1/4 UNF                         LE 90584  1/4 UNF 
    78034  0.015CC                 LE 80585  5/16 UNF                       LE 90585  5/16 UNF   
    78035  0.025CC                 LE 80587  1/8 BSPT                       LE 90587  1/8 BSPT
    78036  0.040CC                 LE 80589   M6X1P                         LE 90589   M6X1P
    78037  0.060CC                 LE 80590   M8X1P                         LE 90590   M8X1P
    78038  0.100CC                 LE 80591   M8X1.25P                    LE 90591   M8X1.25


    • AF 17472 /24V                  AIR  CONTROL BOX
      152057M                          4MM NYLON PIPE
      152823M                          4MM GREASE FILLED PIPE
      25717/284                        1LTR BOTTLE OF GREASE
      25717/284 12.5Kg             12.5 KG CONTAINER
      25717/284 25Kg                25 KG    CONTAINER
      34237-402                         BLANKS





    • AC/SP2                P.C.B ASSY
      AC/SP4                MOTOR HOUSING ASSY
      AC/SP8                MOTOR

      AC/SP13              2LTR BOWL /LID ASSY




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